Sharing Clothes. Sharing Christ.

Our mission is to obtain new and used childrens clothes and basics, to be organized and redistributed to those in need. The project will focus on 1) local families in need, 2) emergency situations and 3) missions.

  • Local Outreach — Clothing will be picked seasonally for those registered for the program and available for pickup at the church. The clothing provided is meant to be a good supplement to what they already may have.

    Information on church services and kids programs will be given with the orders.

    Register a Child (form to come)

  • Emergency — Clothing can be available by request. This is a resource for local officals and emergency persons for foster children, house fires, etc., in emergency situations.

    Contact Us in case of an emergency need.

  • Missions — Specific clothing or needs will be collected and stored for missions.

    Contact Us in case of a missions need.


We are collecting baby and children's clothing and shoes in good & wearable condition. Please no holes or torn clothing. We appreciate washed items when possible.

Donations can be dropped off outside of First Church of Dayton. There will be a large trash can outside the church with the SaviorClothes.org sign on it. Please place the items inside and close the lid. Let us know if you need to make a large donation.

SaviorClothes.org is an outreach of the First Church of Dayton. The Church is a 501(c)3 non-profit, and all gifts are tax deductible. Contact us if you would like to help further this ministry.


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